Exciting News: Volunteering in Women's Empowerment Program in Kochi, India In March and April 2023, I have the opportunity to work as a volunteer contributor in a Women's Empowerment Program in Kochi, Kerala, India. As a passionate individual, I am thrilled to lend my support and contribute to a cause that aims to improve the lives of women in the community. My primary goal is to assist these women on the ground by sharing my knowledge and helping them to discover their potential. Through this experience, I expect to challenge myself and grow while contributing to the overall well-being of the community. The project focuses on providing education and resources to empower women, including vital survival skills and entrepreneurship training. My objective is to help challenged communities identify business opportunities and grow their businesses, even if it's small. This experience will also enable me to connect with African communities and relate to their struggles. To make this project successful, I am seeking funding for a two-month duration. I am grateful for any support, whether through thoughts, social media shares, or financial contributions. Your support will help make a difference in the lives of these women and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. #WomenEmpowermentProgram #VolunteerAbroad #Kochi #Kerala #India #Education #Resources #Entrepreneurship #SurvivalSkills #BusinessOpportunities #FinancialContributions #CommunityDevelopment #OverallWellBeing #SupportWomen #MakeADifference #InternationalVolunteering #CommunityService #SocialImpact #EmpowerWomen #GenderEquality #GirlPower #GlobalCitizenship #HumanitarianWork #SocialGood #EmpoweringCommunities #SustainableDevelopment #PositiveChange #VolunteerExperience #SkillsDevelopment #LeadershipDevelopment #CulturalExchange #TravelForGood #ImpactTravel #DoGoodFeelGood.


Homestays in Fort Kochi offer a fantastic opportunity for travellers seeking an authentic experience of local culture and lifestyle, combined with comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and picturesque surroundings, Fort Kochi is a popular tourist destination, and homestays have become a popular choice for visitors seeking a more personal and unique experience. Many homestays are in traditional heritage buildings, such as Kerala-style houses, Portuguese mansions, and British bungalows, which have been converted into guest accommodations. Homestays provide comfortable rooms, basic amenities, and meals like bed and breakfasts or guesthouses. However, the personalised service, local knowledge, and home-cooked food that guests can enjoy is what sets homestays apart. In addition, homestays offer unique activities such as exploring plantations, village visits, picnics, herding animals, temple tours, cooking classes, cultural tours, and ayurvedic treatments, making for a truly memorable experience. One of the most significant advantages of homestays is the opportunity to interact with local families who act as hosts and share their knowledge of the area and culture. Guests can also participate in celebrating festivals, which is a fantastic way to experience the rich and diverse Indian culture. Overall, Homestays in Fort Kochi offer a distinctive and unique accommodation option, providing guests with an authentic experience of local culture, personalised service, and warm hospitality

Vivienne: An African Expedition Leader Unveiled

You Should Embark on a Journey with Vivienne Gunning: An African Expedition Leader Unveiled Step into the captivating world of Vivienne Gunning, a multifaceted artist and seasoned expedition leader, whose essence transcends boundaries. Nurturing a deep love for storytelling, exploration, and art, Vivienne weaves a unique tapestry through her endeavors. Visit www.viviennegunning.com to embark on a journey through her creative landscape. Vivienne's work extends across various mediums, reflecting a vibrant spectrum of experiences and inspirations. Her blog invites you to explore picturesque destinations, sharing travel tales with a keen eye for cultural nuances, particularly in the heart of Africa. As an author, her words dance on the pages, creating narratives that resonate with authenticity. Vivienne's artistic expression is not confined; it flourishes in her exploration of graffiti as a celebrated form of art in cities like Cagliari, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural canvas. Beyond her travel and writing pursuits, Vivienne's passion emanates from her roots, embodying the spirit of an Africa-girl and expedition leader. Through her lens, she encapsulates the essence of places, from the bustling streets of Cagliari to the tranquility of Bosa, always intertwining the narrative with the soul of Africa. Experience Vivienne Gunning's world – a world where every adventure, every stroke of the pen, and every snapshot is an invitation to share in the richness of life's tapestry. Indulge your senses, stir your wanderlust, and connect with the soulful creativity of Vivienne Gunning. An Unknown Soul

Bushtracks Expeditions discovers the "Untravelled" the World!

My connection with Bushtracks Expeditions is nothing short of special. The company's founders, David and Carolyn Tett, have been instrumental in shaping me into the experienced and knowledgeable individual I am today. Having accumulated valuable experience from over 100 trips, I've had the privilege of working in 33 countries across Africa and beyond. My journey with Bushtracks Expeditions kicked off as a cabin crew member, overseeing private charters across Africa on the DC-3 and DC-4 aircraft. Progressing swiftly, I took charge of aviation logistics and ground handling for all charters and expeditions continent-wide. In 2002, I enhanced my skills with advanced culinary training in Tampa, Florida, and since then, I've crafted hundreds of meals in various locations across Africa. Presently, I take pride in being a co-leader and a fully-fledged leader for diverse expeditions. Headquartered in Healdsburg , California, Bushtracks Expeditions specializes in tailoring custom safari experiences and adventure travel trips to a range of African destinations, including Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa. Established in 1989 by the passionate travelers and conservationists, David and Carolyn Tett, the company has emerged as a premier provider of high-end, personalized travel experiences to Africa. Bushtracks Expeditions offers diverse trip styles, from luxurious safaris to intimate group tours, all customizable to meet the specific interests and preferences of individual travelers. The array of activities includes game drives, cultural experiences, guided walks, birdwatching, and gorilla trekking, among others. Committed to conservation and sustainable tourism, the company collaborates closely with local communities and conservation organizations, ensuring their trips contribute positively to the environment and the well-being of the communities they encounter.