Vivienne Gunning
04 Mar

Once upon a time, in the enchanted wetlands of Cagliari, lived a young and small pink flamingo named Rosalinda. She was different from the beginning, standing out from her flock. She left the nest early to join the large flamingo creche, always under the watchful eyes of a few caring adults. But little Rosalinda had a unique love for napping under the warm Sardinian sun, in her own dream world, blissfully unaware of the world around her. 

While her fellow junior flamingos eagerly learned to fly and feed themselves, Rosalinda remained lost in her peaceful slumber. As the days passed, the wetlands grew quiet, and Rosalinda slept undisturbed, surrounded by the gentle ripples of the water and the soft rustling of the reeds. One day, she awoke to find herself alone, her friends gone! The realization left her heartbroken – her eyes drooped, her beak hung low, and her feathers drooped.

Yet she was not alone... As the sun set, an old turtle named Tartaruga slowly approached her. With a twinkle in his eyes, Tartaruga comforted Rosalinda, "Dear Rosalinda, do not be sad, your friends will return in August, and the wetlands will come alive again. But until then, find something special to do."Rosalinda lifted her head, with a sob in her throat, teary eyes, and a squeaky voice, she blinked, and asked, "What should I do, wise Tartaruga?" Tartaruga thought for a moment and suggested, "The bare necessities! Explore the wetlands! Learn about the plants, make friends with dragonflies, and dance with the fish. There's a magical world waiting for you beyond your dreams."With a newfound purpose, Rosalinda embarked on her journey. She waded through the water, chatted with creatures, raced with otters, and learned patience from heron friends. 

To pass the time, Rosalinda took up painting. Using her long neck, she created beautiful patterns in the mud, turning the wetlands into an art haven. The place transformed into a tranquil oasis of beauty.As August drew near, Rosalinda had turned into a real princess of the wetlands. No more just a sleepy flamingo, she now looked graceful and beautiful, taking care of the wetlands for her friends' return.

 When the other flamingos came back, they found not just a lively and colorful Cagliari but also Princess Rosalinda welcoming them. 

Birds and travelers from different parts of the world came to see the magical wetlands, attracted by the tale of the pink flamingo princess who had brought wonder to Cagliari. Even in faraway places like the Okavango Delta, where nature told its own stories, the news of Rosalinda's joy and creativity reached the ears of other animals and birds. 

The Okavango Delta, with its vast landscapes and diverse wildlife, shared a connection with the beautiful wetlands Rosalinda had transformed. Although they were far apart, the two places echoed the same message of finding beauty in unexpected moments. So, Princess Rosalinda's story traveled beyond Cagliari, linking the wetlands of Sardinia with the wild magic of the Okavango Delta, forever becoming a part of the amazing tales that nature tells.

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