06 Feb

Join me on an exciting journey as I explore the rich and diverse cultures of Africa, showcasing the incredible women who play a vital role in shaping the cultural heritage and identity of each region. Did you know that Africa is home to countless tribes, each with its own unique traditions, languages, and beliefs? From the Berber and Yoruba to the Ashanti and Fon, from the Ewe and Igbo to the Hausa and Mande, there's so much to discover. And let's not forget the central and southern African cultures, each with its own fascinating stories waiting to be told. As we embark on this adventure together, I invite you to celebrate and embrace the diverse values and experiences of African women, recognizing their equal worth and deserving of respect and support. These women are the keepers of rich oral traditions, music, and art, passing them down to future generations. However, it's crucial to recognize the complexities and nuances of women's experiences across Africa, and acknowledge the diversity of perspectives within each country. From conflict-affected areas like Somalia, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to poverty-stricken regions in rural sub-Saharan Africa and marginalized communities like Pygmy women in Central Africa, women across the continent face unique challenges. And in regions with high rates of gender-based violence, such as South Africa, women are at risk of physical and sexual abuse. 

I've been traveling across Africa for the past 25 years, experiencing the beauty and complexity of the continent firsthand. Follow my stories, read my blogs at www.viviennegunning.com/blog and come along for the ride as I share my travels and discoveries with you.

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