Vivienne Gunning
24 Dec

Every photo you'll come across within these digital pages has been captured through the lens of my camera. Each snapshot, a unique moment frozen in time, is a product of my passion for exploring the untamed corners of nature and its incredible creatures. However, in the spirit of full transparency, I must mention that in instances where you spot photos of yours truly, those have been skillfully taken by another keen-eyed adventurer or a friendly passerby, allowing me to be part of the story.

Many of you have followed me and my experiences in India. Welcome back. It is like talking to an old friend. In life, we often find ourselves at crossroads, moments where the familiar path diverges, beckoning us towards something new, something unknown. I, Vivienne Gunning, 63-year “young”, have come to a pivotal point where I am uprooting my established routines and planting myself in fresh soil, ready for a new chapter. The decision to reinvent oneself can be daunting, but for me, it's a necessary step towards revitalising my mindset and exploring uncharted territories. Why? Because stagnation is not an option. I yearn to grow, evolve, and embrace new experiences rather than settle into the comfort of familiarity. Life's brevity has made me aware that time is a precious commodity, and my greatest fear is running out of it. I've realised that richness in life doesn't always stem from material possessions but from shared experiences and moments. Quality over quantity has become my mantra. I aspire to relish life in its simplest form, finding joy in small pleasures and cherishing the beauty of each passing moment. Reinvention isn't about discarding who I am but honing and expanding my essence. It's about unearthing untapped potential, discovering passions I've yet to explore, and embracing the unknown with open arms. A world of opportunities awaits me, and I'm eager to seize them. My glass is partially empty but half full. I am not seeking retirement; I am seeking rejuvenation. I refuse to allow age to dictate my limitations; instead, I defy it to prove that life's adventures are not confined to youth. The zest for life doesn't diminish with age; it only grows stronger with the wisdom gained through the years. My journey towards reinvention isn't just about self-discovery; it's about embracing a mindset. It's about adopting an agile approach to life that encourages continual growth and learning, never settling for complacency. Amidst this exciting phase of my life, I'm honoured to share that I will be the expedition leader for a National Geographic Southern Africa trip departing on 28 December 2023. I invite you to travel with me. Follow me from destination to destination as we traverse the mesmerising Tuli Block, immerse in the wonders of the Okavango, witness the majesty of the Chobe, and bid farewell at the splendid Royal Livingstone Hotel with the roar of the “Mosi-oa-Tunya”, in the background. Victoria Falls is also known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya," which means "The Smoke That Thunders" in the Lozi or Kololo languages. This alternative name refers to the tremendous spray and thunderous noise the waterfall generates as it cascades over the cliffs, creating a spectacular sight and sound. How privileged I am to lead this adventure! Before I embark on my journey to Sicily, I invite you all to join me on my blog and explore more about my experiences and adventures at Travel with me, talk to me. Let's savour the simple joys, embrace change, and craft a life filled with meaningful moments and lasting happiness. 

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